Peace of Mind Warranty

Vivid Homes is a member of Progressive Home Warranty

At the end of the day, it boils down to heart, morals, and dedication to growing an ethical home warranty program. Progressive Home Warranty provides the most cost effective, industry-leading warranty coverage in Canada, complete multiple assessments during construction to reduce / eliminate claims repair costs, and have value added products and services - so that you can trust that we are Doing Right By You, always!

Expect a Great Home

With comprehensive coverage, Progressive & Pacific Home Warranty help keep all 3000+ components of your home protected! The purchase of your home is an extremely large financial commitment, so you should have the highest expectations for its quality and coverage, even when minor hiccups happen with one of those 3000+ components.

Expect a Quality Builder

You deserve commitment - to you and to the quality of your new home. Progressive Home Warranty works hard to provide warranties on behalf of only the best of the best homebuilders in this industry, and Vivid Homes has proven to be a quality builder.

Expect Service Excellence

Above all, you can expect unparalleled service excellence. Progressive & Pacific Home Warranty are licensed and governed by industry "best practices". "Best practices" are the bare minimum you should expect, and their mandate is to provide the highest possible level of service to all our homeowners.

For more details about the Vivid Homes Peace of Mind Warranty view the manadatory home warranty brochure and the Progressive Home Warranty website.